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The pupils to the streets again

NOVEMBER 17-20 : Pupils take over the fight- demonstrations and confrontations.

To contest another school reform proposed in October and confirmed these days, pupils blocked some schools and called to walk the streets. This reform “redefines” the ‚literary‘ and ‚technological‘ classes and diploma in school (the desire to suppress these two diploma is openly planned since 2005)- including the suppression of teachers, as usual. This year, the installation of security doors and guards is also announced: after 4 years of fight in universities and high-schools, the school administrations and the State crack down on the rebels.

November 20th: Pupils demonstration hardly repressed.
To contest the arrival of the ministers F.Fillon, L.Chatel et V. Pécresse at Roosvelt High-School, 300 persons gather to demonstrate. The ministers came especially to “talk” about the new reforms. The anti-riot police charged the demonstration as it started. Kicking, punching, hardly hitting with belts and batons. Four pupils went to the hospital- one was dragged out by the cops, and had his two knees broken. A new call for a demonstration against this repression on November 24th was made. Three people were immediately judged and sentenced to 3 or 4 months of suspended prison sentence, for “violence on public authorities” . 5 other people were presented to the ‚children judge‘.

November 19th: 200 pupils gather in front of Simone Veil school, at 8.00. Several garbages piled in the entrance, and eggs thrown in the yard…They denounce the repression of the demonstration the day before. Playing with the police, the confrontation took place in front of several high-schools in town. Two cars are damaged, one being turned upside down on a parking. Five people are arrested.

November 17th : about 1000 pupils demonstrate in the town.
November 19th: pupils spontaneous demonstration, ravaging and arrests.
To contest another school reform announced this day, high-school pupils fought in two different part of the town. 300 pupils of the ‚industrial-school‘ went down the streets, and finished at a private clinic, they devastated. Four people were at this moment arrested. Then 200 pupils fought police forces from the Le Corbusier high school of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Three people are arrested. The press talks about a girl injured at her legs and face when trying to put out a Molotov cocktail.


Rouen novembre 2009

Anti-jail weeks:actions in Paris

Paris- from November 2d to November 8th: demonstration and actions against prison and long sentences.

NOVEMBER 13rd: Action against the ‚humanist repression‘.

„They want to humanize the prisons! Let’s attack them!

On the night of November 13rd we visited two eulogist of the humanist repression. At first, and with the desire to adjust our sentence because we‘ve been bad deviant, we opted for community work: in this case, we chose to re-paint the front of the Publico library, of the Federation Anarchiste (145 Amelot street, 11st district). Here what one could read after our visit: “F.A collaborator”, “F.A nasty traitor” and “the F.A want more human prisons: disappear with them!”. Indeed, this supposedly anarchist organization diffused a flypaper( during the anti-jail demonstration on November 8th) that was not anarchist, and in which we could read alternative propositions for the prison-wall for the “deviants” ( psychiatry, work for the community, rehabilitation by work and other horrors). As they like working, we leave it to them to clean. So they know there will be no prescription and no forgetting.

Then, we visited the Red-Cross ( 41 Lucien Sampaix street, 10 district) that also preaches for a humanization of the prisons, by means of torture, from the temporary zone of Roissy airport to the prisons for strangers in Italy ( not to mention the hundreds camps it manages all over the world). We wrote on it “ Red-Cross collaborator” and “Fire to the detention centers”.
These two actions take place in the fight against all imprisonments, that could not be reduced to a symbolic week.

We swear, we‘ll do our sentences,

Some offensive deviants.“

NOVEMBER 8th: companies linked to prison attacked.
“On the night of November 8th, several companies linked to prison were attacked:
- Eiffage (one of the biggest companies that builds towns as it builds prisons). On Watt street (13rd district), two vehicles of the building site were sabotaged with sugar in their tanks. A tag appeared: “Eiffage builds prisons to imprison the poor. Let’s sabotage Eiffage.”
- The Criminology Institute of the Law School, Cujas street (6th district): tags “Fire to the prisons”, “So die the State and its law”.
- The APIJ (Public agency for the Law Property; part of the Minister of Justice responsible to call for tenders), on Château-des-Rentiers street (13rd district). A tag: “here the State plans the construction of new prisons. Let’s attack it(them)”.
-IOSIS (engineering cabinet of construction and renovation of prisons) on Dolores Ibarruri street (Montreuil, 93). A tag: “IOSIS works on imprisonment. Liberty for all!”
- Orange company shop ( that grows rich on the prisoners work), Jeanne d‘Arc place (13rd district) had its 8 windows broken, followed by a tak “prisoners exploiter”.
These actions take part in the anti-jail week against the long sentences and all the imprisonments. Down with all the prisons and those who benefit from it. Let’s continue to harass them, each person on his own way, beyond this agitation week, it’s easy and it could cost them a lot…”

NOVEMBER 4th : High school attacked.
In the night of November 4th, the Theophile Gauthier high-shcool(49 charenton street, 12 district) is attacked. This action takes place in the anti-jail week against long sentences.
This ‚vocational‘ high-school[1] specialized in the formation of prison guards and cops. Doors has been blocked with chains. The front has been covered of posters et several tags: “watch out!here are formed future cops” “the guard is watching you”, “devaste your cage” “rather poor and dissenter than cops or guards”…Mind you these schools are found in all the academies, and if we consider how quickly the marks of our visit were erased, it’s clear they don‘t want any advertising around their sinister activites. While some minors rot in jail, other learn to become cops or guards.

[1] high school that doesn‘t follow the ‚general‘ course; it is supposed to give you a job when going out of it.

Work in progess…