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Trial for a revolt in the Vincennes detention centre

Trial for a revolt in the Vincennes detention centre

On January 25th, 26th and 27th, ten former detainees of the Vincennes detention centre will be tried for a revolt.

During the first semester of 2008, revolts repeatedly occured in the Vincennes detention centre, a place where undocumented foreigners are locked up pending their deportation. On June 21st, a detainee died for lack of care. The next day, the centre was burnt during a revolt. Later, a number of detainees were arrested and accused of arson and aggression against police officers. Most of hem have been in preventiive jail for eight to twelve years.

A solidarity week will be organized from January 16th to 24th. For the time being, two events are decided to open and close the week.
— January 16th at 7pm: solidarity evening with projections, informations and discussions (CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire, Paris 11).
— January 24th at 3pm: meeting with exchange of informations about the struggles against detention centres and, beyond them, the migratory policies in Europe (CIP, 14 quai de Charente, Paris 19). It would be good if some of you can attend, in continuity with the preceding meetings in Paris and Barcelona. And still better if you can stay for the trial.

You can also find a new brochure put online, that makes a review of all the known companies that profit of this detention system and collaborate with it- localy, or internationaly.

Here’s the link.

Time for conclusion

December 31st: Police counts burnt vehicles.

Police counts 2024 burnt cars this year for whole France. For 2008, only 1941 cars were damaged.
In Toulouse, 400 policemen are ready to fight tonight. This year, petrol retailing is forbidden, as crackers.


December 29th, Seine-et-Marne: policeman got injured and died during a breaking-in.

On Sunday, a couple called police for a breaking-in. When police arrived, the two thieves drove on the 4×4 they found in the house. They drove on the two policemen standing in the entrance, and hurt one of them. The other officer opened fire against them, followed two other officers. The vehicle was found burnt in the woods.
The hurt policeman died on Tuesday night.

For some beers

December 26th, Lyon: Arrested for stolen beers at Carrefour supermarket, Michael is beaten up by the security guards and dies.

On Monday, Mickael 25 years old, is arrested by the security guards for shoplifting, in La Part-Dieu shop-center. Taken to their office, he turned dizzy. He’s later taken to the hospital, and dies the day after. The two guards are not immediately sued. The autopsy showed he dies of mechanical asphyxiation by ribcage physical compression.
The guards are sued and presented to court on Thursday.

Finger for dinner

December 24th, Paris: policeman lost his finger after being bitten.

Policemen checked identities in the area of Jussieu. Police said a 16 years old guy refused to be checked and bite an officer. The one’s surgery lasted more than an hour.