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Sweet homes

    Evictions during winter

Usually, if you insist, your squat is evicted when spring comes.
Here some opposit examples…

After the eviction of Le Pilos in November (that squat searched by police last May, as part of the antiterrorist Cognin case. Zoe has been „seen there several times“ About this case, see HERE), the people who lived there squatted a new ( old) place: a XVI century particular hostel, in the center of the town.
The perchoir squat and the Carré Curieux space (same building) were evicted on Januray 26th.

January 22d, eviction of La Gueule du Loup. They had only 8 days to leave that place, after the trial. People gathered on the roof.

    New opened places

Le Grand Liyeu, 19 rue Cazeneuve: A big house with a garden and roses, opened for activities on January 16th. Police already came several times.
“ But at the time security guards, bailiff and cops break our lives everyday, by evicting, controling and beating, it’s not only about living another way, deserting. For us, it’s about organizing ourself, to take the offensive, and that way, to reappropriate our lives“.


If you are around, come visit!

The farce goes on

About the trial

On Monday 25th the trial of the Vincennes Detention Center detainees accused of its burning on summer 2008 was opened. But it stopped even before it started, creating three days of masquerade.
The issue of that trial is the discharge of the accused, and the liberation of Nadir Autmani, imprisoned for 8 months.
They are accused of:

    -violence on public authorities, that didn’t lead to a work interruption longer that 8days
    -destruction with fire of the Vincennes detention center buildings.
    -Destruction of goods destined to the public utility or decoration.

While waiting in the court, people learnt that one of the accused has been arrested in a police raid around Gare du Nord area. The hearing has been suspended. He arrived at 3.30, and slogans were shouted again. Two hundred people were waiting outside in solidarity, even though there were still free places in the court room. At that moment, the wife of one of the accused recognized the judge, Mme Dutartre: it’s the same judge who imprisoned her husband in 2005, and who decided she would be under judicial control. The judge denied it, and asked police to take her out. She refused, and cops didn’t insist. The judge, to the lawyers: “you prefer to believe to your clients than to the court!” Fifteen minutes were anyway given. Three of the complaining cops – Patrice Beaufort, Nicolas Carlot, Jérôme Dupuy, Jonathan Faure, Sandrine Schenk, Corinne Tamas- were here. The lawyers found the evidence it was the same judge, and ask her to relinquish the case. Surprised, she suspended the hearing to the day after.

On the second day, many people came in solidarity. But the judge refused to relinquish that case, and the lawyers had to make an official request. So the trial was suspended again. People outside, when shouting “liberty for all, with or without papers” where pushed away, and one person was arrested. The day after, of course, many people came again. The toilets were forbidden. Police said they feared graffiti and posters collage…Civils were hanging around.

Three days of reality show in that court room, where the judge and prosecutors were giving the answers to the cops, where one of the accused is arrested in a police raid, and the judge already well known. The case of the dead Tunisian man, that provoked the revolt, was not even added to the trial.

The next hearing: February 1st.

    In the meantime…

January 25th, Angers: for the first day of the trial, graffities “ Fire to the prison”,” solidarity with Vincennes mutiny”, “ Let’s break the walls”… and others on Angers walls. Near a Credit Agricole bank: “ credit agricole= informer”, and near to the customs office: “ P.A.F, a cobblestone in your face!” (P.A.F is the border police).

January 25th, Reims: Graffities were found on BNP Paribas, CIC and La Poste banks.« La Poste denounces sans-papiers”, “La Poste collaborates with deportation », « BNP grasses sans-papiers »

January 25th, Marseille: Gathering at Canet Detention Center- in solidarity with Vincennes trial

January 27th, Lyon : LCL bank found its windows broken, and graffities on LCL and La Poste.

January 27th, Paris: Air France agency occupied, and turned into chaos. „Around 6 o‘clock, 40 people stopped the ticket selling during half an hour. After the camera was put out of action and the fire alarm set off, the windows have been covered with posters against the deportation machine, as the walls inside. Then some brochures, informing about the collaborating companies ( „Let’s sabotage the deportation machine“ and “ some vulture of the deportation machine“ see HERE), have been sent via fax to other Air France agencies- and the note ‚Opera agency occupied‘ added. Outside, a banner has been hang („Air-France deporter- Liberty for all, with or without papers“) and flyers have been distributed to the bourgeois people passing by. After some smelling bombs were burst, and police arrived, everybody took the metro. All the big plane companies accept deporting, but a lot of deportations are due to Air France KLM ( that offers ‚miles‘– fidelity points that turn into free tickets- to the escorting cops). This action is in line with the Vincennes detainees solidarity week, and of course against all the pigs of the deportation machine. See you later!“

January 30th, Paris: Graffities in the 18th, 19th, 20th districts.
„Down with all the borders!“ „solidarity with the Vincennes accused!“ “ Fire to all prisons!“

February 1st, Paris: Carlson wagon-lit Bastille agency occupied. A Banner was hang and brochures were given. The agency windows were covered by posters.

Trains vandalized

Trains vandalized: 500 000e of damage

On Saturday night, January 23rd, in Nice, 35 wagons of regional and fast trains have been vandalized.
Press say several people broke 152 windows, and damages made also inside.
Trains were cancelled or put off.

< Ouest France, in

Against Nano-technology…

A big debate-tour was organized to ‚talk‘ with the ‚population‘ about nanotechnologie, all over France. In most of the cities, the debates were stopped of cancelled by opposers ( see HERE).
But the scientists wanted to gather one more time. Here what happened…

Orsay municipality wanted to opened a discussion plateform (again…) about and for nanotechnologies on January 26th.
Some people, the night before, sealed up the doors of that place. The debate was so for cancelled… Graffities were left:

“ False debate, real damage!“
“ Nano, small but fachist“
“ The nano piss us off/ put us on a file“ ( „Les nanos ca nous fichier“)

From the claim:
„We always be here to oppose, whatever the way, to these morbid technologies and the society of control that coes with it. The State wants to make us swallow a bitter pill, but we are not on to the content of these so-called debates and their implication in our lives and bodies. We puke on its face! We don‘t want this debate!“

Next rendez-vous on Febreuary 23rd, in La cité des Sciences, Paris.
Nanomus cuscus

< Indy Lille, 26 janvier 2010

The debate in Orsay was cancelled, but the scientists called for a debate online, so as to talk via screens. They gathered in a hotel, in the industrial-zone of Massy-Palaiseau. Several people found Bergougnoux and his band of scientists. At about eight o‘clock, they entered the hotel, where security guards were watching out, even though this place was not publicly announced. Civils and and cops quickly came to support them, and the comrades could finally not entered the debate…

Bank cash-machines damages: antiterrorism section called

Solidarity for Vincennes detainees- an Anti-terrorist investigation opened

A preliminary investigation is opened since december, about the 5 distinct actions made against banks ( see HERE) in several districts of Paris.
The articles of the bourgeois press inform these actions were coordinated also in Grenoble, and claimed online on several websites.
These cash-machines sabotages should be due to the „Ultra-gauche“.

Info from Reuters and RTL