Chambery case: N1N1 is free

N1N1 is free

N1N1 was arrested in Hongaria in October, and put in prison there. He was then identified and deported to France on October 16th. Two judges received him, and decided to imprison him in La Santé, in Paris, for undeterminated time. He ’s released on Decemebr 11th. He’s free now, under judicial control, as all the others.

Police say he fled after Chambery events. Zoe died when trying to make a bomb, and Mike seriously injured on April 31st. Then Police made than a house-research on Les Pilots squat, in Chambery, saying « she has been seen there several times ». 10 people were arrested and released, but Raphael was kept. After several days, Lucas was also imprisoned. He presented himself to police when he saw they were anyway arresting all the friends « for investigations ».
All these people were of course under anti-terrorism conditions.


Explosion in Cognin-
When a ‚tragedy‘ leads to ordinary consequences.

All the newspapers talked about the “tragic” explosion in Cognin.
A bomb, and a ‚young girl‘ who died when making it.
Finally “evidences” to prove these “anarcho-autonome” are what the press say they are. Every day, totally contradictory and false information is written in the press. There’s nothing…nothing but spectacle.

On May 30, during the night, an explosion kills Zoe and hardly injured Mike near to Chambery.
On the 4th, special brigades searched les Pilos, an auto-organized place were Zoe “has been seen”. Dogs searching for powdery, masked policemen… The all area is circled. Eleven people, who were inside, are arrested several hours. Raphou is kept and put under anti-terrorist arrest. Two other squats are searched in Chambery.
On the 8th, more than 200 people demonstrate in Chambery to oppose the house search and the coming trial for the eviction (end of May). The first initiatives totally concentrated on the space, and the arrest of Raphou.
Mike stood in Edouard Herriot hospital of Lyon, in the high-burnt service. When he finally could talk, he declared he was motivated by “curiosity”. He also announced they were only two people during the explosion. His lawyer presented him as a young person “denouncing the society of consumption who has nothing to do with organized people [ groups]”…
On May 14th, he’s placed in detention in a medical and penitentiary center, until July, when he was released.

    Around the corner…

An experience, as you can anyway watch on Youtube, was here of course ’suspicious‘ because of the identity and political preferences of Mike and Zoe. The anti-terrorist brigades doesn‘t investigate each time a
student tries to mix substances in his campus room with his friends.

The problem is not to know if this bomb was made to be used after, or not.
The problematic around which we have to concentrate is how our enemies use this first facts to imprison- of course- but also to investigate and shut down any reflex, organization and practical experience of solidarity.
The strategy of the police was to found and imprison relatives and people implicated in the solidarity. Looking for a real ‚terrorist network‘, each connection with the accused make you suspicious. An efficient excuse.
Rafou was maintained in detention since this May 4th; first under arrest, he’s then transferred to La Sante ( Paris) on May 8th.
On May 12th, Lucas, implicated as more people in the solidarity work, heard the anti-terrorist police was looking for him- as a relative of the accused… He presented himself to their offices in Levallois-Perret on May 12th, where he was imprisoned. He’s transferred to Fresnes prison on the 15th.
On May 29th, Mike, Rafou and Lucas were presented to the judge to ask to be released. Only Lucas demand was accepted.

“ what helped Lucas to be released, it’s to have a job, to fit some “normality” standards, in other words, to present some social-control guarantees. It’s not about being innocent, the meaning of this word has been lost for long! Nobody is innocent in a world that builds us guilty.”

communique for the liberty of all- June 6th 2009

On June 12, Rafou asked one more time to be released. His demand was accepted but the state opposed it. On June 19th, he could finally go out after another ‚examination‘ of his case.
Another person, A., was arrested in Nantes and taken to Paris to be questioned…and released under bail.

    Around prison…

They are all free. Free, means they all have to visit the police station once a week, to live at their parents home.
Rafou is free to travel in Savoie and other departments, but is forbidden of “all Rhone-Alpes squats”… What do they consider a squat? Are also legal political places forbidden?
Mike and Lucas have to stay at home, or at their village, and are allowed to go out only for “good reasons” ( hospital, lawyer, judge and work…). They can not talk to each other. Mike is forbidden to be in contacte with “ all Chambery squatters people”. With no more precisions… Who are these ‘squatters’? All the people of the demonstrations? People who have their name on the mail box?

Talking to any person he knows there becomes then a risk to take.

All of them are accused of “criminal association formed in order to commit terrorists acts and to attack the security of the State. Rafou and Lucas are accused of “destruction of evidences” ( should be some subversive books that were burnt before the house-search). Mike is also accused of “detention and fabrication of explosives”.

    To be continued…

A comrade from Chambery, called N1N1 (Nin-Nin) was arrested in Hungry in October, imprison there and then transferred to France on October 16th.. He passed an audition in front of two judges and finally was imprisoned in La Sante, in Paris. Of course, the date of the trial is unknown, and he should stay inside waiting for it. The judges say an international warrant arrest warrant has been made against him; and they considered he escaped; but no official convocation ever arrived for him in Chambery or elsewhere. He also was controlled several times by the police during his trip on the beginning of May when he left Chambery.

Between October 12th and 18th, all were questioned by the judge of the anti-terrorist center Yves Jannier. Nothing new came out of it. The same all questions.

The Pilos were evicted on November 17th, during the winter.

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