Just to let you know…

About Poitiers last events and its coming repression:

    Message of informative nature

    Cops-Ladies and Gentelmen,

    We insist on contacting you- Order, justice and social peace guarantors, in order to warn you about the threat that hangs over your head.

    Indeed, until now you had no need ot justify on your papinaries* post-October 10th. The daze prevailing from anger, this one could not react to the imprisonments and to the charges you had warped. On the contrary, you had admiration for the indignation displays regulated by the local twisted politicians,by your security dogs ( Mobile Gendarmes Unit, civils and other butchers in uniforms) and commented by your cops-journalists.
    But, when on the horizon the threat of new imprisonments emerge; to conclude your spectacle-trials, we can already predict what happens next.
    Be sure that if you imprison one more of us, you will not collect whiny gesticulations anymore. There will not be some “Justice for everybody”, or “All thinking, all guilty” (1) and “Free our comrades”, bawled in megaphones. The rage will be measured according to your legal violence, the blows will be paid back, have no fear. “ An ttack against one of us is an attack against all of us” say the Wobblies. Watch out those who will not fall over your bloody blade.

    See you soon.
    “ Consider me to be a bomb, which fuse you lighted”

    *(Jean-François Pipneau, actual sheriff of Poitiers town): police action constining in using an all-out repressive force, most often in a very illogical way.

    (1) “Tous pensants, tous coupables” : a reference to the slogan “Tous Coupat, tous coupables” : “we all are Julien Coupat, we all are guilty »

    January 20th

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Different tools and other gadgets were found by police in the town: in parks, parknigs…ready to be used.
The demonstration took place during an „street-art festival“. Masks and smiles came with hamers and yells…

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