Sweet homes

    Evictions during winter

Usually, if you insist, your squat is evicted when spring comes.
Here some opposit examples…

After the eviction of Le Pilos in November (that squat searched by police last May, as part of the antiterrorist Cognin case. Zoe has been „seen there several times“ About this case, see HERE), the people who lived there squatted a new ( old) place: a XVI century particular hostel, in the center of the town.
The perchoir squat and the Carré Curieux space (same building) were evicted on Januray 26th.

January 22d, eviction of La Gueule du Loup. They had only 8 days to leave that place, after the trial. People gathered on the roof.

    New opened places

Le Grand Liyeu, 19 rue Cazeneuve: A big house with a garden and roses, opened for activities on January 16th. Police already came several times.
“ But at the time security guards, bailiff and cops break our lives everyday, by evicting, controling and beating, it’s not only about living another way, deserting. For us, it’s about organizing ourself, to take the offensive, and that way, to reappropriate our lives“.

< http://rebellyon.info/Ouverture.html

If you are around, come visit!