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No fortress of power is invulnerable

Aussi longtemps que nous serons déterminés… Aucune forteresse du pouvoir ne sera invulnérable

Translation of a poster found on some walls, Greece, 2010

    Ils ne nous convaincront jamais, ces fanatiques de la démocratie, que la vie équivaut à la survie, que le travail libère, que nous devons être des esclaves dociles dans les rouages dentés d’une machine globalement basée sur l’exploitation et l’oppression.

    Nous ne deviendrons jamais de « bons citoyens » submergés dans la déprimante solitude de notre canapé, lâches audacieux aux commandes de la doctrine sécuritaire, satisfaits de la médiocrité de notre existence.

    Ils ne corrigeront jamais nos désirs avec des lois, des règles et des cachots. Il y aura toujours ceux qui osent et qui continueront à s’attaquer à la logique et la moralité de la domination, qui brûlera dans le même feu que nous avons allumé ; par les cendres de la connaissance et les flammes de l’action.

    Nous ne sommes pas intéressés par la création d’une mythologie de l’action – simple outil dans les mains de chaque opprimé doté d’une conscience, comme nous ne sommes pas intéressés par la construction des « innocents » et des « coupables » par la légalité civique et tous ses laquais.

    Nous saluons et respectons les choix personnels et l’action polymorphe de compagnons -anarchistes, révolutionnaires et rebelles- qui regardent l’ennemi dans l’œil et attaquent, un rêve au cœur.

    Contre l’existant et ses défenseurs nous opposons notre solidarité en pratique et notre désir rageur de liberté, jusqu’à la destruction des prisons et de la société qui en a besoin.

    Liberté pour les anarchistes Alfredo Bonanno et Christos Stratigopoulos emprisonnés en attente de leur procès depuis le 1er novembre 2009 et accusés d’un braquage de banque.

< Non fides

No fortress of power is invulnerable long as we are determined

    They will never convince us, those fanatics of democracy, that life equals survival, that work liberates, that we have to be submissive slaves in the cogwheels of a global machine based on exploitation and oppression.

    We will never become “good citizens” submerged in the depressing loneliness of our couch, audacious cowards at the commands of the security doctrine, satisfied with the mediocrity of our existence.

    They will never correct our desires with laws, regulations and dungeons. There will always be those who dare and will continue to attack against the logic and morality of dominion, which will burn in the same fire we have lit the ashes of knowledge and the flame of action.

    We are not interested in creating myths of actions- tools in the hands of every oppressed with a conscience, as we are not interested in the construction of “innocent” and “guilty” by civic legality and all its lackeys.

    We salute and respect the personal choices and the polymorphous action of comrades – anarchists, revolutionaries and rebels- who look the enemy in the eye and charge holding a dream in their heart.

    Against the existent and its defenders we oppose our solidarity in practice and our raging desire for freedom, until the destruction of prisons and the society that creates them.


Vive la fête, le voyou et la canaille!

    In Nantes, Rennes or Montpellier, masks and make up were used to make some dirty jokes.
    On this February 16th, Mardi-Gras day, some traditions were transformed to mean tricks.
    In Montpellier, about a hundred people, full masked and costumed, faced police and made graffities anywhere they could. The group moved cars on the streets and throw bottles on a further avenue. Some hours before, cops controlled people in the area of the squat „crève“, and took away their chariots. Due to the press, dozen of empty bottles were prepared, as many colored balls. No arrests.

„If this world is Normal, so we are the madmen! For a permanent Carnival!“

„… […] because it’s in a sweat and under colored masks that the Carnival will tumble down. One more time, we come without papers: because this carnival is not controlled. One more time, there is no money nor seller, because during the carnival we just take the cake and eat it to danse in heady round dance. One more time, no organizer (karakwela are impostors), because, that night- the battucadas, the chariots, the costumed, the mad people, the beggars- it’s I, it’s You, it’s All!“
< Call for the crazy night in Montpellier: "Fourteen years old, and still all his tooths...for a fierce and cheerful Carnageval!"

„hit the cop; if you don‘t know why, he knows!“

Anonymous, but not alone. Joyful, but determined. Dancing and moving all the time, to break the Order lines. It’s not so innocent if the French Revolution also produced anti-party laws.
Here what the Gazette Nationale wrote, in 1792:

« 1° It’s forbidden to look travestied in the streets; 2° nobody would be allowed to organize a masked public ball; 3° one can not spread or sell masks and costume clothes after 11pm; 4° nobody is allowed to organize a public ball without police permission; 5° these balls can not last after eleven in the night“ (Gazette Nationale, or Le Moniteur Universel, n° 32, mercredi 1er février 1792, Troisième année de la Liberté)

< extract of the new brochure: The Carnival, the party that turns everything over
Find it on Infokiosques (or HERE):
Two parts:
- the Carnival origins and its history since the Middle age
- the Carnival in Montpellier

Last years parties, on YouTube:


Sudden arrests in Paris- news

    Terrorism- The Show

On Monday, February 15th, six people have been arrested in Paris- and their homes searched.
On more person has been arrested on Tuesday. Several parents‘ houses have been also searched on Monday. Cops took the computers, some flyers and brochures, and seemed to look for specific clothes.
They all have been taken to 36 quai des Orfèvres- the SDAT( anti-terrorist section) office place.
During the questioning, the comrades were asked about the different solidarity actions with the Vincennes Detention Center detainees in trial: wild demonstrations, offices occupations, and bank automatic teller machines sabotages. When several persons refused to give their DNA, cops tried to take it on cigarettes and clothes. Until now, they are not charged with DNA refusal. Three (two girls) have been released with no charges, four other men passed in court on Wendsday, and are charged with „damage of goods in a group“. They are under judicial control, and can not see each other. They are finally not charged with terrorism laws.

    „People close to the alternative or Ultragauche mouvement“

Due to newspapers, these arrests would be linked to a current investigation about the solidarity actions, opened on December 5th ( see HERE our news in brief about it).
Press talks about Reims, Grenoble, Lille and Lyon- where similar actions have been done, though not all of them have been claimed. But the journalists, investigating, suppose its linked…
In Le Figaro- February 18th edition, we learn 40 „raids“ would have been done all over France. We also learn police found at one comrade house „painting bombs“, “ similar to those used during the ATM damage in the XIX district“.
Concerning the town of Poitiers, Centre Presse (February 18th edition), lets us know fifteen ATM have been damaged on February 9th. The corrosive liquide inserted in the machine is right now analyzed. And l‘Union confirms its suspicions concerning tags and damages on Reims banks: it must be the „Ultragauche“. Obviously, no more details. These ‚young people‘, „between 24 and 30 years old“, „demonstrated their silence“ during the questioning. Due to Reuters, police says the alleged vandals have been identified with
video recordings“ and „left marks“. They would have followed the „Ultragauche“ theory because of the written slogans. Maybe that’s the reason they need to take away brochures and „subversiv books“ each time they search a house. It may be a clue!

    „We do not drop anything!“

On Tuesday, about 80 people gathered in Chateau-Rouge, in solidarity with the comrades. But police was already there; so people prefered to disperse, and to gather again a few minutes later in Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. The wild march, shouting „Liberty for all, with or without papers!“ and „Cops, pigs, murders!“ run to Republique and Chateau-d‘eau. No arrests.

On February 10th, two La Poste ATM totaly burnt down, in hte 19th district, and two slogans written down: „Fire to the detention centers“ and „La Poste= denouncer“ .
In Dijon, an Adecco agency has been attacked on Monday. This temporary job agency windows were broken: „Here, one exploits sans-papiers“. The same night, in Asnières sur Seine, a UMP party office was attacked; in „solidarity with all the imprisoned and against all imprisonments“.

    Further investigations

In Lyon, anti-terrorist brigade received some comrades for an official discussion.
When the Grand-Lyeu squat opened (see HERE) on the end of January, two people have been asked for identity by a police patrol, infront of the door. They also took a telephone number. Two weeks later, police called: a rendez-vous is fixed, for questioning. And its actually a cop from the AntiTerror division who asked the questions… Due to an article published on, this is how the interogation went: „This ‚grand lieu‘, are some dangerous poeople in there? violent people? Do you talk about black-blocs? Who organizes the self-defense on Sunday? the debates and screenings?… Of course, he asked for names and questioned about Chambery case (see HERE) and the actions week with the Vincennes detainees in trial. Just trying to push further their investigations, making links and trying to define this rebelion.

For details in German, see the articles on Antiknastabend blog, HERE and HERE

Info from Indymedia Nantes, LeJuraliberataire, Rebellyon

Tasty eggs

Rennes- forbidden demonstrations and state terror

    Since November 20th, rallies and demonstration started all over France with the excuse of unemployment and „précarité“.
    On December 5th, in Rennes, about 300 to 400 people demonstrated. This march was hardly repressed.

On December 5th, the demonstration has been forbidden. Several people were arrested. Indeed, about 15 civil cops attacked trapped people.
On February 1st, three young people were sentenced to 40 hours, to 80 hours of force work. State asked 3 months of prison. They were accused of throwing eggs, full of hydrocarbon, on police. During the trial, these eggs were considered as weapons.

Already on October 17th, a demonstration has been forbidden. Some civils cops has entered a squat and have put there a mess; some pressure before the demo. Considered as a ’special red town‘ by the governement and its dogs, Rennes always receives a special treatement.

    “ They don‘t want anything“

    We use to say bad demonstrator, bad unemployed peson- „don‘t want anything“. They would be some „good-for-nothing“(1), less than citizens, than human being, less than workers. Because they don‘t want anything. But, what is there to be wished? Something that would already be here, in the store? Something we would like to own, because others already have it; because we lost it? Work, salary, social situation, identity, insurance against death… So many things we would admitt we wanted to negociate.

    Indeed, we don‘t want your crumbs of Nothing. Though, we want something else, that is can not be negociated. Something else than the carrots one shows us. What you say is NOTHING isn‘t NOTHING. We do not recognize what exploites and kills us, slowly by slowly: the economy and its justice. The collective determination we share is to not resolve to defend our private or public interests. The political practices we assume are those that create a situation where our voices ring out with others; compose and link with all what desires to not suffer what the power administers. We start from communites of struggle, that are already here, and fight together“

    (1) In french: ‚moins que rien‘ – ‚Less than nothing‘

Call for the December 12th demonstration, Rennes dans le Viseur,
indymedia Nantes

Vincennes trial: no lawyers, no accused

On Monday, the lawyers decided to leave the place when the judge announced the trial will last three weeks… instead of three days.

    This Monday was supposed to be decided the dates of the trial for the Vincennes detention Center detainees, accused of its arson on summer 2008. Indeed, the last three hearings, so chaotic, where disturbed, and the trial hasn‘t start yet. Solidarity actions took place, and alot of people came to the trial.
    The lawyer had several demands for the next hearings dates (as professional hours), but the judge ignored them, and decided the trial will follow these days.

    So all the lawyers left the court. But the judge goes on, and asked the policemen about their conditions of being available. Then she ordered to watch the video of the center. To show her interest, she asked to watch several videos at the same time… and even asked to speed up the band.
    The movies were bad quality, and even the policeman said „there’s nothing“. The judge wasn‘t even watching it.

    The video will then be unwinded, but with no lawyers, no accused, and no spectators.

    < Info from Indymedia Nantes

    About the first three days: HERE

    About the solidarity action week: HERE