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    Terrorism- The Show

On Monday, February 15th, six people have been arrested in Paris- and their homes searched.
On more person has been arrested on Tuesday. Several parents‘ houses have been also searched on Monday. Cops took the computers, some flyers and brochures, and seemed to look for specific clothes.
They all have been taken to 36 quai des Orfèvres- the SDAT( anti-terrorist section) office place.
During the questioning, the comrades were asked about the different solidarity actions with the Vincennes Detention Center detainees in trial: wild demonstrations, offices occupations, and bank automatic teller machines sabotages. When several persons refused to give their DNA, cops tried to take it on cigarettes and clothes. Until now, they are not charged with DNA refusal. Three (two girls) have been released with no charges, four other men passed in court on Wendsday, and are charged with „damage of goods in a group“. They are under judicial control, and can not see each other. They are finally not charged with terrorism laws.

    „People close to the alternative or Ultragauche mouvement“

Due to newspapers, these arrests would be linked to a current investigation about the solidarity actions, opened on December 5th ( see HERE our news in brief about it).
Press talks about Reims, Grenoble, Lille and Lyon- where similar actions have been done, though not all of them have been claimed. But the journalists, investigating, suppose its linked…
In Le Figaro- February 18th edition, we learn 40 „raids“ would have been done all over France. We also learn police found at one comrade house „painting bombs“, “ similar to those used during the ATM damage in the XIX district“.
Concerning the town of Poitiers, Centre Presse (February 18th edition), lets us know fifteen ATM have been damaged on February 9th. The corrosive liquide inserted in the machine is right now analyzed. And l‘Union confirms its suspicions concerning tags and damages on Reims banks: it must be the „Ultragauche“. Obviously, no more details. These ‚young people‘, „between 24 and 30 years old“, „demonstrated their silence“ during the questioning. Due to Reuters, police says the alleged vandals have been identified with
video recordings“ and „left marks“. They would have followed the „Ultragauche“ theory because of the written slogans. Maybe that’s the reason they need to take away brochures and „subversiv books“ each time they search a house. It may be a clue!

    „We do not drop anything!“

On Tuesday, about 80 people gathered in Chateau-Rouge, in solidarity with the comrades. But police was already there; so people prefered to disperse, and to gather again a few minutes later in Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. The wild march, shouting „Liberty for all, with or without papers!“ and „Cops, pigs, murders!“ run to Republique and Chateau-d‘eau. No arrests.

On February 10th, two La Poste ATM totaly burnt down, in hte 19th district, and two slogans written down: „Fire to the detention centers“ and „La Poste= denouncer“ .
In Dijon, an Adecco agency has been attacked on Monday. This temporary job agency windows were broken: „Here, one exploits sans-papiers“. The same night, in Asnières sur Seine, a UMP party office was attacked; in „solidarity with all the imprisoned and against all imprisonments“.

    Further investigations

In Lyon, anti-terrorist brigade received some comrades for an official discussion.
When the Grand-Lyeu squat opened (see HERE) on the end of January, two people have been asked for identity by a police patrol, infront of the door. They also took a telephone number. Two weeks later, police called: a rendez-vous is fixed, for questioning. And its actually a cop from the AntiTerror division who asked the questions… Due to an article published on, this is how the interogation went: „This ‚grand lieu‘, are some dangerous poeople in there? violent people? Do you talk about black-blocs? Who organizes the self-defense on Sunday? the debates and screenings?… Of course, he asked for names and questioned about Chambery case (see HERE) and the actions week with the Vincennes detainees in trial. Just trying to push further their investigations, making links and trying to define this rebelion.

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Info from Indymedia Nantes, LeJuraliberataire, Rebellyon