300 people walk for Umüt, killed by police

Umüt, has been murdered by a cop in Switzerland. On April 24th, in Lyon, a silent demonstration has been organized.
Living in Vaulx-en-Velin, a lot of friends and neighbours walked the streets.

„He was only 18!“
Due to police, he participated to a theft, stealing 3 cars in a car dealer. Cops organized a real roadblock all over the area, and stopped them. Though their car stopped and they had no guns, one of the cops opened seven times fire, killing Umüt.
His brother, coming with the family a few days later for the funeral, has been arrested in is still in detention.

On the banners, one could read-
‚Murered by a cop, where’s the justice?‘
‚With no trial, death penalty still exists‘