Marseille: solidarity with San Juan Copala comrades

Here the claim of the solidarity action:
The paramilitary ambush on April 27th against our mexican comrades of San Juan Copala (Oaxaca) will not stay unpunished. The protests, as vehement as they can be, are not enough; the injured and the dead take revenge.
We will consistently attack the state violence collaborators. Here, it’s the travel agencies as Nouvelles Frontières, among others, that make profit of the uninterrupted spoliation of our comrades territories, struggling all over the world. The window of the Nouvelle Frontière agency of the Haxo street, in the center of Marseille has been smashed with our own attention.
Let’s dare to answer in a direct and deafening way to the attacks and to repression.

No pétanque*, the State remains!

Some furious bowls players

< Nantes Indymedia, May 7th

* pétanque: bowls game in south France