The 8th wanted person arrested in Paris

Serial ATM‘ers case

On February 15th, at 6am in the morning, 7 people were place in custody and had their homes searched, in the so called serial-ATMers case . The anti-terrorism section followed that case and tried to interrogate the people.

Indeed, lots of ATM and banks have been sabotaged and attacked, in solidarity with the undocumented people of the Vincennes Detention Center, who, in 2008, have put fire at their prison. Several prisoners had a trial for that fact and were condamned to several months of prison.

Around that trial and the daily struggle with undocummented people, not only banks have been attacked. Several „wild marchs“ (illegal demonstrations) went on, with people yelling, breaking offices, leaving posters all around, and occupying collaborating agencies, as Air France.

A 8th person was wanted since February. On May 27th this person has been arrested went coming to support a squat eviction in the 13th district of Paris ( see here Indymedia Paris).
Taken to the 26 rue des Orfèvres (anti-terrorist torture office), he stayed for 23 hours, and has been questionned about the damages, and is accused of having stuck a poster on a bank during a wild and illegal march.

He refused to say and sign anything, and also refused to give his DNA.
In France, you can refuse (when you know it…), but then you have a trial. MOst of the time, cops don‘t tell you it’s allowed to refuse.
They took his belt and hat, obvisouly to have his DNA.
A USB stick, a mobile, keys and others he had in his bag have also been taken, and surely analysed by the Anti-terrorist group of Loriot.

He has been released without facing the well known Rosso judge, and may be called later.

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You can also find a new brochure put online, that makes a review of all the known companies that profit of this detention system and collaborate with it- localy, or internationaly.

Here’s the link