Since 2007, repressive structures are tested frantically and our reactions also. An opportunity to open files about links and networks, and to put pressure on solidarity groups. More than a year before the Tarnac arrests, the terrorist accusation, well used already in Italy or Germany, appears.

    PARIS REGION: Six comrades from Paris and nearby suburbs are currently on bail and facing charges (…….)for « criminal association in relation with terrorist undertaking» (called Mouvance anarcho-autonome Francilienne, MAAF*), there are several specific facts relating to this situation:

    -Two people (Isa and Farid) are controlled on 23rd September 2008 on the road to Vierzon. During the control, the police finds chlorate and plans: they are accused of the transportation of 2kg of chlorate and the possession of a plan of the prison for minors of Porcheville ( that you can find online) and ‚manual of sabotage‘.
    Farid is preventively imprisoned 4 months from January to May 2008 in Fleury and Meaux. After 10 months on bail he is imprisonned again in La Santé on 11th March 2009, accused of having broken conditions. This case will lead to another one being opened, basing its accusation on Isa’s DNA traces.

    - Three (Isa, Juan and Damien) are accused of an attempted arson of a police car on the 2nd May 2007 ( Sarkozy elections) in the 18th district of Paris. “Attempted destruction of goods or persons, with the will to destroy goods or persons, in relation with terrorist undertaking”. They are accused on the basis of supposed DNA traces, found on the incendiary device. Juan and Damien’s DNA has been taken by force or without them knowing about it.The police are still looking for two other DNA male traces.
    Isa was released from this preventive detention on the 9th February 2009 after one year of game playing by the prison authorities. Her bail conditions include: to go every week to the police station, to not go out of France, to not go to Creuse department, and to not enter in contact with the other people under investigation.
    Juan, in prison of Bois d‘Arcy since the 20th June 2008, was released on 26th May 2009. He’s under home arrest, with the obligation to work, to visit the police station once a week and to participate in ’social insertion‘ meetings.
    Damien was released from prison on the 28th March 2009 and placed under house arrest. He was already living under bail conditions for seven motnhs before being taken to prison.

    -Three (Damien, and also Ivan and Bruno) are accused of a last fact; the transportation of chlorate (used as part of a home made torch they were taking to the demo) and bent nails* found during a police control at Fontenay-sur-Bois on 19th January 2008, while they were driving to the immigration prison. The police accuse them of having the will to make a bomb by mixing the chlorate and the nails.
    Bruno and Ivan passed 4 months in preventive detention in Fresnes and Villepinte (January- Mayi 2008). They decided to escape the judicial control and went on the run on July 2008 (Bruno), the other on March 2009 (Ivan).


    PARIS 14th JANUARY 2009: the BAC* arrests K. and A. in the 19th district, and accuses them of attempted arson of a police car, in front of a police station 200m before. A house search follows, and a 48 hours detention, but nothing more. However, a preliminary investigation
    is opened against them for “criminal association in relation with terrorist undertaking”.

    PARIS 24th JANUARY 2009: 4 people get arrested around the demonstration in Barbès (“the fire of revolt”). The 8th June, 7 people had been discharged. On October, one person is discharged. One is sentenced to 4 months of suspended prison (everybody’s accused of illegal demonstration and refusal of dispersion), the others are sentenced to 2 months of suspended prison. Another one is under police investigation for “damage” of a cop car (and has been badly beaten by the cops).




    MILAU April 22d 2007: On the evening of the elections, three mobile phones relay (Bouygues, SFR), television (TDF) and radio were sabotaged. The 12 September, Guilhem Soulié and Rémi Clarisse are arrested and admit the facts, but refuse to give other
    people names. They were under police investigation for “criminal association” and “degradation of goods”. Rémi was put under judicial control, wheras Guilhem was actually imprisoned in Rodez until the 2nd October. Remi stated in a public letter, the second since the 17 September 2007 that the motivation behind this sabotage was a “challenge to the influence of the mass media, forming a hindrance to the development of a true democracy”. During the trial on the 14th January 2009, they regret their action and call for testimonies from the leftwing people such as Benassayag, Pierre Carles and a non-violence disciple. On the 25th February 2009, the courts decision abandoned the accusations for “association” and sentenced them to 6 months suspended prison sentence and 120 hours of TIG*. Another trial will take place for the damages.

    Paris 22d APRIL: Grégory and Charles were arrested in the street and accused of the burning of two cars the night before. They accepted the immediate trial. Gregory is given a prison sentence for « complicity ». Both are then released. Charles is sentenced to 13 months; for « fabrication, transport and detention of incendiary substances ». Two house searches are made in squats (the Pinton in the 19e district and the Chatô in Montreuil)

    Montpellier 22nd april 2007,
    Four people were arrested during the first round of the elections. Three persons were accused of “ attempted arson” of “bourgeois cars”. The fourth was accused of “detention and transporting of substances, incendiary products, or explosives”; he was trying to escape his home during a house raid, and was caught with fire lighters in his pocket. This person was given a 3 months suspended prison sentence. Two others are condemned to 6 month suspended prison sentence. The fourth, considered as the leader (who has already been imprisoned in ‘prevention’ for two months in Villeneuve-les-Magdelone) has finally received his two months of prison, with a 10 month suspended sentence. The prosecutor made an appeal, concluding the same result on the 17th February 2009, which confirmed the decision.

    Avignon March 31 2007:
    Gregory and Damien were arrested near the Socialist Party office. It was set on fire. Two houses were raided. They were first suspected of “endangering an object or person with fire” and locked up at Pontet prison. On June 20 and 21st they were released and placed on bail. They were finally sentenced to 3 years of prison- two years suspended sentence.

    Villeurbanne May 11:
    C. and A. were arrested in their squat and the house is searched. They were accused of burning the UMP (sarkozy party) office. on May 8th. The action had been filmed by a neighbour. They refused the immediate trial. On June 14th, they were condemned to 1 year, of which 8 months are a suspended sentence. They are also forbidden of their civil rights (social help, driving license) for one year, and receive a fine of 17 000e. Audrey was eventually put on day release from prison.

    Paris May 11 2007 : Damien was arrested in the street early in the morning, accused of the burning of a car near Fouquet’s restaurant (where Sarkozy has eaten the night of his election).Later, Paco’s house was searched, where Damien sleeps. Paco was also arrested, and accused of complicity and handling. Damien was charged with « attempt of damage by arson, fabrication of arson, detention and transport of inflammable substances ». A third person is also under investigation after a house search at his parent’s home. He also was accused of complicity. Damien was released on June 28th and placed on bail (refused entry to paris, and obligation to visit once a week the police station). Paco was released on July 6th, also placed under judiciary control.


    -La BAC: ‘Brigade Anti Criminalité’- Anti Criminality Brigade… A corp of the police created to “catch the criminality where it stays”: civil cops hanging out on the streets, looking for an opportunity, when they are not inside the demonstrations following persons.
    - TIG: ‚Travaux d’Intêrét Général‘. Forced work.