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Molotovs for holidays

Monday 10th, Villiers-le-bel and val-d‘Oise: schools and high-schools are blocked after a supiscious speech of Nicolas Sarkozy

So they learnt the President would like to suppress the summer vacations. No needs to confirm the information: it wouldn‘t be a big deal for that president to take this kind of decisions. The text message reached all the mobiles phones, all the ears.
Friends and and sisters started to block the entrance of the schools: Léon-Blum at first, and then Bezons, Louvres, and Goussainville and the Val-d‘Oise department.
Several garbages have been put on fire, and several Molotov cocktails thrown against some lost pigs, called to reestablish the Republican Order. Indeed, Luc Chatel, the re-education Minister proposed to organized the vacations geographically, and to plan again the school timetable. The managers of those school had to quickly spread the idea that these news were false, to calm down the youth.
It’s like cutting the promenade of a life-sentenced. Twelve years in school, and no holidays? our holidays? you‘ll see…



Sodimatex struggle: what next?

    April 7th, Crépy-en-Valois: workers threaten again to blow up their factory
    „Without us, no cars“

Since Friday April 2nd, the workers threaten to put in fire the propane tank. They barricaded the factory after they have been circled by the gendarmerie mobile (a fast unit from the army, called for riots). Staff have already set fire to pieces of plastic and rolls of carpet at the factory, sending billowing black smoke into the sky.

Workers at a factory facing closure in France have threatened to blow up the plant unless they are given better layoff compensation. About 50 workers at Sodimatex, which makes car rugs, have been occupying the site in Crepy-en-Valois since Thursday. They are pressuring the company for better compensation. The employees have placed petrol bombs near a large gas tank and are threatening to set them ablaze. The French industry minister has condemned the move and urged the workers to settle the row through talks.

France is suffering a 10 percent unemployment rate — highest in a decade. The car industry is among the hardest-hit by the economic slowdown. Plant closings have led French workers to increasingly militant behavior, with numerous cases of boss-napping over the past year and one other case of a threat to blow up a factory.

    Negociations in the police sub-headquarter

    This wednesday, after a day of negociations, the workers occupied again their place; lighting fire for the night and threatening again to put in fire the propane tank. Obvisously, the negociations haven‘t lead to what they expected. Due to pres, the ‚Trèves‘ company suggested to give them 3200euro, whereas they asked for 21 000euro. Some workers left the meeting, joigning the new occupation, while the negociations went on several hours.

    For a summary of kidnapping and actions in the french factories, you can read this link below:

    The Waltz before the storm: Summary of struggles, kidnapping and actions in factories and companies, 2009

Land occupation

    Dijon, March 28th: Fast occupation of abandoned land

A meeting was given on Wilson square- calling to bring gardening tools, but no more details were known. From here, people walked to the occupation place: abandoned land on the side of a main road and some empty houses. City-dweller with their spades, budding gardeners or local truckers in struggle joigned that action.
Ten years ago, a couple of truckers have been evicted from these parcels due to town-planning pressure. Now they are occupied. In several hours, the area has been cleared of brushwood, and ready to be planted.
Police, standing and denouncing, didn‘t try to stop them. Some neighbours passed by with enthusiasm and promessed to come back and help the project, concretising the will of a collective local plantation.
Assemblies and common hours of gardening are planned for the first weeks.

    „Access to the lands and food autonomy

    To clear together the way of a local, direct, biological agriculture and to liberate ourselves collectively from the productivist and industrial model

    To break the bolt of the access to the land in rural or peripheral zones.

    Free the lands!“

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New Indymedia

    Paris Indymedia opened again!

After several months, the Indymedia website for Paris is ready again to spread local, national and international information.

„On the solidarity weekend of the opening, organized to support the Sans-Papiers workers strikes in Paris, 1 500€ have been gathered. This money will be given to the different strike places of the 20th district of Paris.

After the discussion on March 13th, the assembly decided the comments will be reactivated, as information supplement, moderated a priori. Images and documents will be visible after moderation, and according to the charter.“

Paris, March 17th