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Police technology

Italy: a GPS found under the truck of the Nunatak revue member

May 17, under the van of an editor of Nunatak, we found a finde abbiamo trovato un bel transmitter with a SIM Vodaphone chip and 4 torch batteries, of 3,6 volts each, in series. All placed with a magnet behind a back wheel of the vehicle. This time, just not to boast, it should be said that it didn´t take much to notice that „someone“ had placed a device to spy on our movements. Moreover, for some time now, unfortunately, it is as well to take into consideration forms of technological control that is increasingly invasive and capillary. In fact, among all the manoeuvres and repressive attacks that the State puts into effect against those who still have the courage to raise their heads, this is just the latest sign that the review Nunatak has become object of attention of who knows which Procurator or investigative body. Monitoring, home visits and a whole series of other more or less concealed pressures have been gravitating for some time around the review and whoever collaborates with it with the intention of burning the earth around it and preparing an eventual repressive intervention in the near future. It seems pointless to us to stree once again that their „attention“ will not make us take one step back from our projects, but we can only admit that, for as long as uniforms and authority are concerned about our presence , of our way of thinking and acting, we have confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

Nunatak – magazine of history, culture, struggles of the mountain

< Angry News From Around the World, translated from Informa-Azione

A laser-pen injured an officer

On Saturday night, a boy has been arrested in Toulouse for using a laserpen against a policeman.
Indeed, due to police, this laser was pointed at the officer’s eyes. The officer has been taken to hospital, and would be treated during 15 days.

Obviously, it would be a laser-pen as used in the science-camps to show the stars, or used by the lecturers and other managers to point at their bright ideas.
Due to press, this pen was confirmed belonging to class III ( on IV), and would reach 5, 8 or 15 km distance.

Spy system in Italy

Lecco (Italy) : photographic example of microphone/GPS found inside a comrade car

A detail: the system was, as often, linked to the electric power, via the light of the interior passenger cell.

The sytem found in Lecco (see the pictures) was composed of a modified mobile phone, an antenna, a GPS and a microphone. The whole mecanism was placed between the main body and the interior coating, and fixed with two magnets., translated from Italian, informa-azione, 2 APRIL 2010

New camera map

After Lyon and Avignon, here the new cameras in Grenoble, drawn on a map.

You can find it HERE

And for Avignon, HERE (2007)

Montpellier, HERE (2009)

Wind generator pole sabotaged

March 26th, Malléon (Ariège) : The 80m wind generator pole sabotaged

Installed by OPALE Energies Naturelles, it was a measuere pole, in order to install later several wind generators. Dut to press, the cables attaching it to the ground have been cut, after months of discussions between the „anti“ and „pro“ generators in the area.

< quoted and translated from PaghereteTutto