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The 8th wanted person arrested in Paris

Serial ATM‘ers case

On February 15th, at 6am in the morning, 7 people were place in custody and had their homes searched, in the so called serial-ATMers case . The anti-terrorism section followed that case and tried to interrogate the people.

Indeed, lots of ATM and banks have been sabotaged and attacked, in solidarity with the undocumented people of the Vincennes Detention Center, who, in 2008, have put fire at their prison. Several prisoners had a trial for that fact and were condamned to several months of prison.

Around that trial and the daily struggle with undocummented people, not only banks have been attacked. Several „wild marchs“ (illegal demonstrations) went on, with people yelling, breaking offices, leaving posters all around, and occupying collaborating agencies, as Air France.

A 8th person was wanted since February. On May 27th this person has been arrested went coming to support a squat eviction in the 13th district of Paris ( see here Indymedia Paris).
Taken to the 26 rue des Orfèvres (anti-terrorist torture office), he stayed for 23 hours, and has been questionned about the damages, and is accused of having stuck a poster on a bank during a wild and illegal march.

He refused to say and sign anything, and also refused to give his DNA.
In France, you can refuse (when you know it…), but then you have a trial. MOst of the time, cops don‘t tell you it’s allowed to refuse.
They took his belt and hat, obvisouly to have his DNA.
A USB stick, a mobile, keys and others he had in his bag have also been taken, and surely analysed by the Anti-terrorist group of Loriot.

He has been released without facing the well known Rosso judge, and may be called later.

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You can also find a new brochure put online, that makes a review of all the known companies that profit of this detention system and collaborate with it- localy, or internationaly.

Here’s the link

After Vincennes trial

March 17th, Paris: Vincennes detainees trial, for the arson of the Detention Center

The court followed the prosecutor, except for one accused who has been condamned even more.
All the accused are condamned to prison.

One accused to 36 months,

Four to 30 months,

One to 24 months,

Two to 12 months,

Two to 8 months.

No warrant for arrest, except for the two people who are in the run.

After the trial, agencies have been occupied by 30 people.

The AIR FRANCE of Bastille has been blocked, its computers disconnected, posters covered the windows and a was banner hung outside. People the agency to take back their complain for the last occupation. Flyers were given to people in the street.

A SNCF (train agency) was also occupied in Belleville. Some costumers showed their support to that action. After everybody was out, the whole agency has been covered with graffities; a banner, posters and flyers.

The Bouygues Telecom agency across the street has been saccaged just after; the seeler locked himslef inside when people recovered his windows.

To finish, people went out and walked the streets, blocking the cars and the cops behind and around them, shouting slogans for liberty and against prison.

< information from Indymedia Nantes

In Zurich also…

March 8th, Zurich: ATMs damaged

Due to press, in the 1st, 9th and 10th districts, seven ATMs have been damaged. Five ATMs of banks and two ATMs of La Poste have been put in fire. It would cost several thousands Francs.

< Cette Semaine, via translation

Antiterrorism and Kurdish people arrested in Marseille

    Kurdish people under arrest: protests and revolt

Last February 26th, in Marseille, the anti-terrorist section searched the Kurdish people House ( Maison du Peuple Kurde, 29 bd Longchamp 13001 Marseille). Eight cops wagons watch the area.People gathered at that place, blocking the street, in solidarity, and waiting for explanations. At one o‘clock, eleven cops wagons, and the press left that place.
At that time, 9 people are arrested, including a father and six young people, between 18 to 25 years old.

In January 2009, the MPK office has already been searched, with no results. Several people have been arrested, and released 8 months later, with no accusations against them!

Finally, 11 people were arrested in France: in Grenoble, Montpellier, draguignan and Marseille, with a search in a farm in Larzac area.
In Italy, arrests and searchs in Trévise, Venise, Pise, Modène, Udine, Podenone and Milan

1500 people demonstrated against the raid

The Human Rights Collective and the Kurdish People house called for a demonstration. About 1500 people participated, showing the crossed front page of a newspaper, which articles recounted the police announcements. One could see some banners, like « Internationale solidarity: free our kurdish comrades», and „french justice collaborating with Turkey“.

At the same time, several kurdish people arrived in France ( Corse), and were imprisonned in Detention Centers. A political debate started, to decide to send them back to Turkey or not. They finally have been liberated in France.

< Le Jura Libertaire

Rebellion in Madrid and Rome

    Madrid and Rome: Revolts in Detention Centers

All over Europe, new prisons for migrants people are built. National or multi-national collaborators invest in this business, and harbour the local fascist politics.

In Madrid, around March 8th
, detainees put fire in several rooms. From the street, one could hear them screaming: „fire!“, „tell people what happens here!“[..].
„I‘m racist and i‘ll send you back to your fucking country!“. That what said a policeman to an Angolan detainee when he refused to enter the plane, kicking him in his chest and putting him a straitjacket. He came back to the Center almost unconscious. Some hours later, he was taken to the hospital (besides, he’s seriously ill). This is what started the revolt.

In the meanwhile, we learnt protesting movement rose last month: collective revolts, clash with police ( several policemen have been injured).
For information, the Red Cross entered the site several weeks ago, with a financial help from the Interior Minister, that would be about 200 000 €

< indymedia Nantes


Saturday March 13th, Rome: Demonstration and revolt infront of Ponte Galeria detention Center.

Since a while, a demonstration in front of Ponte Galeria Detention center is announced. Before arriving to the gathering, the walls of the train station and the Rome-Fiumicino lines are covered with posters.
Then, at the center, some pass food and drinks on to the detainees: food with no antidepressant nor sedative, in opposition to those usually given by the Auxilium cooperative, that manages the center since two weeks.

Just after that, about 20 detainees go up to the roof of another building, where they will stay several hours, resisting to the threats and the police attempts to chase them away.
Attempting to escape, one persone clings to the streetlight, others gash their arms, and some others threaten to hang themselves with their blankets.

When the gathering comes to an end, and when the individuals coming in solidarity (about one hundred) move away, police charge at the detainees one the roof: with billies and handcuffs.
At that point, the comrades decided to occupy the rails in „Fiera di Roma“ train station, blocking the trafic on both sides during 40 minutes. Around 7pm, a group (still 100 people) gather at the place in front of the Trastevere train station and starts a wild walk in the town, blocking the traffic behind a banner „Close the centers for migrants – Anti-racists against all prisons“.

The shouts and the speeches in the megaphone remind the saturday morning passing people there’s a camp at Ponte Galeria, and in that camp there are people who struggle and rebel.
When the ‚carabinieri‘ [italian police] arrive, the demonstrators don‘t break up and continue the demonstration in the alleyways to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

The day after, national papers, that couldn‘t hide the happening, talk about an elected representative, whose visit was cancelled when police refused he enters the Center!

< Non-fides, translated from an italian communiqué sent by Maceri


In Paris, Sunday March 14th, some people meeting at the Vincennes detention Center after a walk in the forest, salute teh detainees- shouting „liberty!“ Some fire works come also with the walk. People try to send balls inside, knowing police forbide them to have some. But people say the walls are really high… Some detainees have the time to go out of the buildings and to answer them, but are quickly threaten by dogs and cameras.