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Graffities in Lyon

Queer riot loving graffities in Lyon, April 2010

oh! a lesbian who graffes!

our identities are not national

less dicks in the streets, more in the asses!

no fascists in our streets!

too many heteros, we must protect our children!

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The Tile and the freaks

About the Tile squat, in Lyon

How reassuring to know that even with the current ‚crisis‘ landlords can keep their senses of humor. Anyways, DESIREE BANCEL’s bigwigs, the happy owners of 23 rue E. Rognon (Lyon, 7 arrt), as well as the whole block ( at least!). First visit of the newly squatted house by a bunch of freaks who like to call themselves trannies/fags/dykes, six big virile guys, including the owner, entered the house with the key since the house had no time to barricade itself yet, thus they entered to pressure us and acknowledge the occupation. After some talking, they left, consciously locking the door behind them, yet letting us know that they‘ll come back to remove the tiles, so that we can shower (hihihi). To our great surprise, we‘ve seen no cops for a few days… Squatters 1 – Owners 0.

Second visit a week later, the plot is getting spicy. Eight in the morning, after cutting the lock, the owners show up in number with a crane determined to smash the roof on our heads. The more tiles fall, the more friends come to give their support. Finally the cops arrive, the great ‚defenenders‘ of the people (well we had to shake them up so that they would come to recognize the occupation and the illegal attempt to demolish the house, considering the lack of permit and the presence of people inside). The cops and some of the owners left arm in arm for the police station while the others remained, wondering very hard how they could get rid of the vermine the fastest and cheapest way possible. First hide the proof. A brave pro-owner decided to trespass the gate to get back the freshly cut lock, a domestic violation (breaking and entering) doesn‘t look too good on file. Then comes a stormy discussion including some gliding through the air, the owners leave with the proof in their car. It’s a nil/nil,
Squatters 2 – Owners 1.


Third visit, two days later, to our surprise the owners are in the garden ( you owe us a second lock! ). Change of strategy, they proceed to camp out the whole day. Whatever, we organized a refreshment stand for our troops in the garden. Disappointed, maybe, to not be invited, they finally leave towards the end of the afternoon. Squatters 3 – Owners 1. See you next time?

Meanwhile, tired of buying new locks, we pay the cops a visit to place a domestic violation compaint by tresspassing, as it is illegal to break into someone’s official domicile without their permission (one can be sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment and a 30 000 euros fine, never sentenced but well…). Result: « if I have to register your complaint, it will be a pain in my ass, please leave the police station right away ». Squatters 0 – Cops 1. Its ok, next time we‘ll come back with lube and a lawyer.


Final Scene: Wednesday 3 March, the cops show up in the morning with an electric hand saw, a baliff, and the owners right hand man, already known for his spectacular negotiating ’skills‘ when he gave three taps to our commarde on his last visit. After cutting the chain, we opened the window just in time to stop them from (once again) trying to break the front door (apperantly even cops don‘t care about a two year penality for illegal entry…). Identities taken, the baliff came back later with the newly personalised papers (adding names that were NOT on the mailbox of people who do not live in the house). The court date was announced for two days later, Friday the 9th of March at 9a.m. at the magistrate court of Lyon. Who gets a decison from the courts with such little delay? The impressively sized file from the lawyer of the landlord, Mr. Xavier VAHRAMIAN, is full of false eyewitnesses, fabricated at the last mintue and laced with oh so suttle racist reflections…

We may need support on a regular basis, especially since we know that this house has a past of illegal eviction already. Indeed, a year and a half before, some friends got evicted, after two weeks, even with the locks changed and had their furniture thrown on the sidewalk.

La Tuile (The Tile) continues and resists, despite all opposition (against the rain for example), if Xynthia didn‘t succeed in throwning us out, neither will the owners…

Friday the 9th of March at 9a.m. at the magistrate court of Lyon

    We‘re queer, we‘re here, get used to it!

« La Tuile »
23, rue E.Rognon
69007 LYON


ps: at the court, the judge said it would be better if people go before she gives her answer next Saturday. An immediate eviction will surely follow, due to the 'urgent' need to build a new 'student house'...

Witches in liberty: churches vandalized

Nantes, March 2d: The Saint-Donatien basilica and the Saint-Clément churches have been vandalized.

One could read on Saint-Donatien basilica:
Burn your church!“ on the walls, and a big ‚A‘ on the front door.

The private catholic school Saint-Donatien was also recovered: « Priests to the pyre, the witches in liberty!“ and „No god, no master!“

Two days before, the Saint-Clément church found its chairs broken, like a hand of St-Pierre. A picture of the Way to the Cross has been stolen.

Four people had their ID controlled on Saturday night, and are suspected for that acts.

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Work in progess…