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Eρινύες- From Paris to Greece

May 16th, Paris :A PS party office attacked in solidarity action with comrades from Greece and elsewhere.

The passion for freedom
On May 16 in the night, we visited teh PS party office of the 2d district, on Léopold Bellan street. Three windows from five have been smashed in with a sledge.
In Greece, the socialist party is power. In Paris, the socialist party is attacked in solidarity with the revoltees from Greece and elsewhere. Domination is international. The revengence of the individual enamoured of liberty is anational. Fire to the power. Let’s break all what dominate us and multiply the attacks. Let’s smother the democraty in its cradle.

Some erinyes in a fury

< Indymedia Paris, May 18th

Erinyes, or Furies
They were the goddesses of revenge in Greek mythology.They were the femal supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead
Horrible to look at, the Erinyes had snakes for hair and blood dripping from their eyes.


Action in solidarity

Avignon: Well dance now
(action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades)

Avignon on May 8 in the night. You wanted to temporarily remove the poisonous atmosphere of your monotonous lives by going to bother the coral of the Caribbean. You always think that Greece is exotic, that Havas Voyages sell you the best tan, that everyone in the office will find so natural. No luck, here we also tackle the pallbearers in flowery shirts, agents who disguise the ants that you are as operetta cicadas. Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.
The previously unknown triplet

< Found on Angry News From Around the World, translated from Cette Semaine

Marseille: solidarity with San Juan Copala comrades

Here the claim of the solidarity action:
The paramilitary ambush on April 27th against our mexican comrades of San Juan Copala (Oaxaca) will not stay unpunished. The protests, as vehement as they can be, are not enough; the injured and the dead take revenge.
We will consistently attack the state violence collaborators. Here, it’s the travel agencies as Nouvelles Frontières, among others, that make profit of the uninterrupted spoliation of our comrades territories, struggling all over the world. The window of the Nouvelle Frontière agency of the Haxo street, in the center of Marseille has been smashed with our own attention.
Let’s dare to answer in a direct and deafening way to the attacks and to repression.

No pétanque*, the State remains!

Some furious bowls players

< Nantes Indymedia, May 7th

* pétanque: bowls game in south France

Spreading the revolt

Solidarity around the world with the revolt in Greece and all the prisoners

    May 19th, Frankfurt: 200 people walk in solidarity. Partly in the pouring rain, the procession went one and a half hour through downtown Frankfurt making station at various points of interest, including the European Central Bank ECB), the state-driven kfw Bank and the Greek consulate. Trenchant speeches at the particular stops reinforced the criticism against the prevailing political circumstances and conditions.

    May 16th, Paris : A PS party office attacked in solidarity with comrades from Greece and elsewhere.
    Three windows from five have been smashed in with a sledge.
    „In Greece, the socialist party is power. In Paris, the socialist party is attacked in solidarity with the revoltees from Greece and elsewhere. Domination is international. The revengence of the individual enamoured of liberty is anational. Fire to the power. Let’s break all what dominate us and multiply the attacks. Let’s smother the democraty in its cradle. Some erinyes in a fury“

    May 13th, Brussels: A visit to the Greek Tourism office. the one-way tickets for the enraged, especially the anarchists, to the cells of the greek state will not defuse the current social explosion; will not prevent us from drawing paths to a world with no authority. Liberty for all the imprisonned anarchists! Liberty for all!“

    May 11th, London: Forest Gate Community Service Office and Probation Offices were attacked. Spraypaint slogans and broken windows were the result. The action was dedicated to anarchist prisoners everywhere, especially those in Greece.
    “We are fighters!! Not murderers!! Long live anarchy!! Black Fever Gang!!”

    May 8th, Avignon( France): action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades
    „Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.“

    May 1st, Naples : Four banks ATM’s are attacked with color and hammer, in solidarity with „Giannis Dimitrachis, Alfredo Bonnano, Christos Stratigoupoulos. The ghost of liberty always comes back with a knife in between his tooth“

    April 28th, Prague : Molotovs thrown in the garden of the greek ambassy, where a fire started. Dimitrakis name and a circled ‚A‘ are painted in the entry. Press talks about a „similar arson“ in the greek ambassy in Bresil. In a communiqué: „We will not tolerate repression by this system! The popular uprising in Greece is our inspiration and proof that we can
    take back our lives!“

    April 27th, London: Occupation of the Hellenic Center. Two banners are hung on the roof, one on the balcony, with „Liberty for Dimitrakis and all the anarchists“, „Honnor to Lambros Fountas- Liberty for the 6″, „Fire to the prisons! Liberty for Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos!“

    April 27th, Buenos Aires: Gathering in front of the greek ambassy. Five comrades are arrested (one is hardly bitten at the head by the cops), and their houses are searched. Press talks about a molotov thrown against the ambassy. On April 29th, they are imprisoned for „damage, assault and battery, attack, resistance to public authority“ and…“ abuse of ideological power“.

    April 26th, Rome: Three ATM of the San Paolo bank are sabotaged with color and acide, and graffities are left “ Liberty for Dimitrakis“. The claim ends with „Liberty for all the companions hostages of the greek State- Fire to the prisons“

    April 25th, Barcelone: In Gracia district, an ATM of the Caixa Catalunya bank is put on fire. The claims adds: „Let the solidarity flammes spread! Until they are reduced to ashes! LIebrty for Giannis Dimitrakis!“

    April 15th, Paris: Société Générale Bank attacked with color, a window and an ATM are broken. Some graffities appeared: „Bim! War to capital!“. „War to property“ is left on a further estate agency in construction, which one glass has been broken. In the claim: „With this action, we send our solidarity to the companions in Greece and elsewhere, who fight against domination, and all the forms it can have.
    Social war doesn‘t know no truce, nor borders.“

    March 30th, Brussels: Greek church gets red paint
    The Greek orthodox Parish Sainte-Marina attacked; the Oecumenic Patriarchy of Constantinopel, patriarch of Belgium. Red paint re-covered, and a slogan was left: „The state and the church kill and imprison.“

    March 28th, Paris: Orthodoxe greek church doors are put in fire. The two ATMs and all windows of the BNP bank on Bretagne street are broken: this bank owns one of the biggest greek bank, Piraeus Bank. In the communiqué, one could read:
    „Solidarity with all the hostages of the State (from the bread thief to the bomber). Good luck to all who are on the run. Let’s make deeper the crisis, here like anywhere else!“

    March 18th, Brussels: BNP bank completly smashed. On the claim: „In Greece like everywhere, that capital may die. Solidarity with the anarchists taken hostage by the Greek state.“

    March 15th, Brussels: Windows of Dexia bank broken. „Our thinking goes to the anarchist Lambros Fountas, murdered by Greek police. Solidarity with the permanent revolt shaking Greece.“

    March 15th, Brussels: Two cars of Greek diplomats burned and claimed.

Solidarity Actions to Giannis Dimitrakis, Greece

Athens: More than 1000 comrades gathered at Propylea, and demonstrated in the center of Athens. The demo was strong, comrades with masks and flags were surrounding the people, and protecting them from the hundreds of cops.

Thessaloniki: A gathering took place in the central square of the city, shouting slogans and handing leaflets. Through microphone texts of solidarity were read and banners were placed. Also, during the day 2 radio stations were occupied.

Patra: gathering, with posters and banners and a movie was projected.

Veria: Occupation of a radio station and a gathering outside the municipal police station.

Serres: protest in the center, leaflets, banners etc.

Kavala: gathering, with reading of texts through a microphone

Rethymno: leaflets, banners etc

Kozani: Gathering, reading of text through microphone

Giannena: Demonstration, about 80 people took part, 4-5 detentions, all are set free, after a solidarity gathering

Komotini: Gathering, with reading of texts through microphone

Chania: Gathering at noon, at night a movie was projected in a central square about the case

Heraclion: Gathering, info-night at the occupation of the city

Ksanthi: Occupation of a radio station, and at night a movie was projected about the case.

< Cette semaine, Informa-azione, Occupied London, Indymedia Athens

Free Villiers-le-Bel prisoners!

Solidarity Call

It’s not how it’s gonna happen: Why we must free the Villiers-Le-Bel Four

    A communique from the Villiers-le-Bel support committee regarding the upcoming trial, on charges of „police homicide attempt“ The next 21st of June, it won‘t be summer time, it won‘t be the Fête de la Musique (1); it will be the start of the trial of our friends, of our brothers. Maka and three others from Villiers-le-Bel will have to face the accusation of having shot at the police during the riots of november 2007.

The scenario is already set: after the police media operation of february 2008 – 1500 cops with guns in town and hordes of journalists on their behalf, after the „exemplary punishment“ demanded by Sarkozy, after the disproportionate sentencing of the rioters last spring (three years of prison for throwing rocks), it will be the trial of the „suburban cop-killer“, meant to reconcile the government with the extreme-right voters and all the freaked out people this country can count. Of course, it will be overlooked that the only dead people were two kids: Lakhamy and Moushin, killed in a strange „accident“ with a police car. We‘ll pretend to forget that the spokesman of the ministry of the interior didn‘t wait more than a few minutes to declare that the cops had nothing to do with their death. Of course, we‘ll deny the fact that it was the surge of hundreds of cops flooding in the neighborhood that launched the riot.
[Who writes the history again?]

Since someone „guilty“ is needed to pretend-justify the vengeance of the State, there has to be a trial, an exemplary trial. In the absence of any evidence, it will be a trial of testimony, it will be the voice of cops and anonymous paid finks against the voice of the „youth“ in front of a jury of their peers.
Until the death of Lakhamy and Moushin, Villiers-le-Bel was a quiet little town of the Val-d‘Oise. The train station, the Cerisaie, the ZAC, the PLM, the Carreaux, the Burteaux…(2) Since the riots, Villiers isn‘t a town any longer, it is a symbol, a stake), a fantasy. The power projects on it all its Law and Order angsts and most of all its fear that the police occupation of the neighborhoods will be met by organized riots; that the people that are being aimed at with flashball (3) for ten years end up putting cops in their sight. Every evening of the year, the boulevards from Villiers look like a ballet made of all the various police corps--UTEQ, gardes mobiles, CRS, Bac, etc. (4) –, in the meantime, they prepare the inauguration of the new police station of 360 men. It is an experiment in the level of police harrassment and provocation that a neighborhood can handle without exploding. The feeling here is not to live in the margin of society but in the laboratory of its future. If there is, in the coming future a risk of uprising, what is certain is that it is in Villiers-le-Bel that the power trains itself to manage it.
Anyone who takes a walk here after 5 PM understands – watching the „robocops“ patroling Gaza style – that the State doesn‘t try to reestablish order where disorder would reign, but to provoke disorder at the right time to be seen as the one who brings back order when elections come.
In reality, this society has become so incapable of saying positively what it is or what it wants that it only manages to define itself againts its suburbs. That’s why the power wants this trial to be the trial of the „cop killers‘“: to bind around it a society in iniquity. Our friends don‘t have to pay for this iniquity, nor for the salvation of those in power. In reality, this trial is not meant to establish responsibilities for precise acts, it is the trial of an event in its entirety, and foremost the trial of a whole historical moment. An historical moment that opens up with the death of Zyed and Bouna and the 2005 riots, and that the power would like to stifle with a big spectacle trial.
The problem is that the rage and revolt that were expressed there won‘t let themselves being stifled. Another problem is those explosions have resonated and still resonate in many other hearts than those of the so-called „suburban youth“. And yet another problem is that this new operation of isolation is maybe about to completely fail. Some walls fell, some hands that were hesitantly looking, found each other.
We‘re calling for all those who cannot bear the occupation of our lives by the police anymore. We‘ll do everything we can so that this trial doesn‘t become another occasion to justify this occupation by the disorder it produces.
We refuse to let our brothers pay for the angst of those in power.
They‘ve already served two years in prison.
We refuse to allow dozens of years of prison to be distributed on the basis of anonymous testimony paid by the police.
We refuse the scenario of the government. We have three months to tear it down.

A month of solidarity will happen from the 20th of May to the 15th of June 2010 that will end up with a demonstration a few days before the trial.
More will be announced soon.
Get in touch with us. Organize solidarity events, debates, actions.
Let’s meet.

To financially support the accused you can get the bank account number of the support collective of Villiers-le Bel by writing at
For more info about the events or to communicate the various initiatives:

(1) The „fête de la musique“ happens every year in France on the 21st of June. It consists of all kind of musicians playing in the streets of all town.
(2) Those are the names of the various neighborhoods of Villiers-le-Bel.
(3) Flashball is the name of the „non-leathal“ guns used by the French police. Its rubber bullets have the same impact than a .38 special.
(4) Names of the various police and military corps that operate in the French suburbs.

This call for solidarity has been translated really quickly.
Do not hesitate to rewrite it in proper English. Please, spread it around and translate it in whatever language you want. The people doing the support committee do not belong to the anarchist milieu so we need to help them out creating a wide international mobilization and solidarity
actions month.