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Spring walk against evictions

    Grenoble, March 27th: SQUAT ATTACK!
    An offensive walk against evictions, but not only….Newspaper office, schools, police cars and white walls are covered with slogans.


About a hundred people gathered to walk the streets at 4.30 pm, while it was raining. Some people are disguised, and masks are distributed.
At the same time, the left parties called for a „NO SARKOZY DAY“: all the cops are busy over there, letting free the rest of the town.
The walk starts with a banner Against private property, let take the town over!
About 4 other banners are hung, some of them reinforced ( Squat your town and ACAB).

Here a nice list of the slogans:

- no evictions! Rent strike! Insurrection/Occupation!
- squatters, tenants, solidarity facing owners!
- down with the State, cops and bosses!
- cops, pigs, murders!
Some slogan against Abba band are also heard ( yeah, this Swedish band, don‘t ask me why)!


Passing near the half-liberty prison (where you have to sleep at night and work the day), some graffities appeared: fuck prisons, and no HQE [architectural projects based on the environemental studies, and spreading high-technology with the excuse of comfort and facilities], no QHS [High Security Quarter]. Mainly, on the whole way of the walk, dozen of graffities, posters and stencils (Rent strike, evict your ownersquatt your town!) are left… An old evicted squat is introduced to this local march, telling its story, while the Industrial Quarters are covers with Death to Work!.

Here another list of some graffities left on walls, schools, signs and flats to rent:

- cops, out of our lifes!
- death to Capital!
- down with the State
- school or prison?
- the beginning of alienation
- burn your school!


When arriving to another old-evicted-squat, now left to some Artists invited by the mayor to prevent a fourth occupation, the house was also re-decorated: Artists, you are already in a museum!, Ainsi squattent-ils! [Béruriers Noirs band], and a double SCUM [SCUM manifesto, Valerie Solanas]. More anti-cops and pro-sabotage (yep) were left, when paint balls got broken on white walls.
Police finally arrived behind the wild demonstration, but another old squat was vistied, and the walk went on, denouncing with graffities, paint-eggs and rot vegetables the companies that collaborate to the undocumented people deportation: BTP-Isère, Actis…

The newspaper Dauphiné Libéré office was also covered with paint. At that moment, people found themselves blocked by Police cars. After some minutes of reflecions, they decided to walk back over the cops cars, attacking them with the several paint-eggs left and other munitions, like crackers. Panicing, the cars quickly went back, but not before a cop gazzed the demonstration. Still in movement, people trashed a bank. Before police could circle, people dispersed in several streets, got changed- with no arrests.

Two poeple have been arrested later, when the newspaper office windows were found broken down.

HERE, on, a lot of pictures!!!

Land occupation

    Dijon, March 28th: Fast occupation of abandoned land

A meeting was given on Wilson square- calling to bring gardening tools, but no more details were known. From here, people walked to the occupation place: abandoned land on the side of a main road and some empty houses. City-dweller with their spades, budding gardeners or local truckers in struggle joigned that action.
Ten years ago, a couple of truckers have been evicted from these parcels due to town-planning pressure. Now they are occupied. In several hours, the area has been cleared of brushwood, and ready to be planted.
Police, standing and denouncing, didn‘t try to stop them. Some neighbours passed by with enthusiasm and promessed to come back and help the project, concretising the will of a collective local plantation.
Assemblies and common hours of gardening are planned for the first weeks.

    „Access to the lands and food autonomy

    To clear together the way of a local, direct, biological agriculture and to liberate ourselves collectively from the productivist and industrial model

    To break the bolt of the access to the land in rural or peripheral zones.

    Free the lands!“

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Squat in Odéon, Paris

From their leaflet :

    People pass by, but there’s nobody. At the windows, cameras substituted underwears.
    It’s impossible to chat in the streets. One gets drunk to forget the bosse’s scurvy tie and the terror of the organiszed reality. And then, on Saturday night, one even goes out to the club. Some people disappear, no one hears about them anymore.

    Let’s organize ourselves againt the grey sky!
    It will be grey as long as we don‘t recreate it…

    „One“ opened this big empty flat since years: you could have done it!
    „One“ occupies this place since December, „one“ doesn‘t own it.

    The door will stay opened each Tuesday and Friday, between 4 and 8pm, to read or drink a coffee.

    But don‘t come if you denounce your colleague to get ahead or if you applaud when a sans-papiers is arrested by the RATP security [metro pigs] !

    You can come to stay with whoever you want and meet people…
    After your job, your shopping, your appendicitis operation or a chase on mini-motorcycle with civils…

    Come to drink or eat something, a strawberry milk, slice of bread with guacamole and blueberry jam (we‘ll make it together).

    Let’s talk about serious things: the weight a fascist panda can reach making press-ups twice a week, but also autonomy, forms-of-lives, free love or your radical subjectivity…

    You can bring music to fly, a plane-tree from the Saint-Michel Boulevard which will decorate the living-room, public banns…You can even bring your mom.

    In fact, this space is ours, is yours, within the limit our neighbours can stand…
    So come by…

    Of course, „One“ has accommodation problems, but we espEcially have problems with this world…

Blog Odéon

Occupied flat, 10bis Odéon street- second floor.

Library and coffee Tuesday, Friday 4-8pm
Movies all the week.

Against evictions! Squat attacks!

In Grenoble, a festival.
In Lyon, Toulouse and Tours, demonstrations and actions.
Because spring means evictions will force us to leave our houses- riposte!

Toulouse, March 13th:
Press say about 20 people tried to enter the ancient cinema Les Nouveautés, left empty.

Tours, March 13th:
During the demonstration, on the Police Headquarter

Lyon, coming March 20th:

< Pictures compilation: Le Jura Libertaire

Human management

March 9th, Massy

Their homes destroyed by the fire, Rroms people, who squatted that place since more than a year, should have been proposed a gymnasium to stay at.
Press talks about 20 families, around 300 people living at that burned place.
No much information comes out of that gymnasium.
Indeed, the people ‚helped‘ inside are not allowed to go out (!), and are watched by a police cordon!

Out of France: police escorted 106 people to the airport, sending them back to Romania, though their european situation.