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Action in solidarity

Avignon: Well dance now
(action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades)

Avignon on May 8 in the night. You wanted to temporarily remove the poisonous atmosphere of your monotonous lives by going to bother the coral of the Caribbean. You always think that Greece is exotic, that Havas Voyages sell you the best tan, that everyone in the office will find so natural. No luck, here we also tackle the pallbearers in flowery shirts, agents who disguise the ants that you are as operetta cicadas. Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.
The previously unknown triplet

< Found on Angry News From Around the World, translated from Cette Semaine

Graffities in Lyon

Queer riot loving graffities in Lyon, April 2010

oh! a lesbian who graffes!

our identities are not national

less dicks in the streets, more in the asses!

no fascists in our streets!

too many heteros, we must protect our children!

< Ma Croix rousse Alternative

Molotovs for holidays

Monday 10th, Villiers-le-bel and val-d‘Oise: schools and high-schools are blocked after a supiscious speech of Nicolas Sarkozy

So they learnt the President would like to suppress the summer vacations. No needs to confirm the information: it wouldn‘t be a big deal for that president to take this kind of decisions. The text message reached all the mobiles phones, all the ears.
Friends and and sisters started to block the entrance of the schools: Léon-Blum at first, and then Bezons, Louvres, and Goussainville and the Val-d‘Oise department.
Several garbages have been put on fire, and several Molotov cocktails thrown against some lost pigs, called to reestablish the Republican Order. Indeed, Luc Chatel, the re-education Minister proposed to organized the vacations geographically, and to plan again the school timetable. The managers of those school had to quickly spread the idea that these news were false, to calm down the youth.
It’s like cutting the promenade of a life-sentenced. Twelve years in school, and no holidays? our holidays? you‘ll see…

A laser-pen injured an officer

On Saturday night, a boy has been arrested in Toulouse for using a laserpen against a policeman.
Indeed, due to police, this laser was pointed at the officer’s eyes. The officer has been taken to hospital, and would be treated during 15 days.

Obviously, it would be a laser-pen as used in the science-camps to show the stars, or used by the lecturers and other managers to point at their bright ideas.
Due to press, this pen was confirmed belonging to class III ( on IV), and would reach 5, 8 or 15 km distance.

Attacks on offices

May 9th, Figeac (Lot) : the UMP party office vandalized again

Due to police, the office has been detroyed on sunday night, despite the camera. This office has already been vandalized a few weeks ago, during the elections time.

May 9th, Paris: French Immigration and Integration offices attacked

Here the claim:

Three short falls and walk away, he OFII windows received some shard…

The French Office for Immigration and Integration, Roquette street, Paris

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